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Dr. Torri Love Griffin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Love & Relationships Coach for individuals and couples.  No matter what type of relationship you are in – or have been in – you can heal, recover and excel using the LOVE LIVING LIFE techniques.  With more than 20 years of experience working with relationship issues, Dr. Torri Love has developed a hands-on process anyone can use. Do what it takes to change your life for the better. The power is in your hands!

“You can live life…or you can Love Living Life! The choice is yours.”

You have been given one opportunity to enjoy the life you live. What are you doing to make the best of your relationships? Take charge…. Make the necessary changes. And if you need encouragement, make the call. Dr. Torri “Love” Griffin intends to make sure that you LOVE LIVING LIFE!

Discover new ways to Love Living Life TODAY. Transform Your Knowledge into Useful WISDOM, Affirm Your Way to More Love, Money & FREEDOM. Dr. Torri is standing by ready to coach you to success in life and love!

And what about that relationship you are in…or wanting to be in?

You may need a LiSENSE 2 DATE!

Dr. Torri Love‘s LiSENSE 2 DATE Relationship Training Programs for Teens & Adults are available to help you

Use Common SENSE
to Remove NonSENSE
so Your Relationships Make SENSE!

Private Coaching and LiSENSE 2 DATE Boot Camps are available for you and your group. Teen focused LiSENSE 2 DATE Birthday Bashes may be scheduled as well. Just let us know what will best help you LOVE LIVING YOUR LIFE and Dr. Torri Love is at your service. Check out the Upcoming Events page for riveting workshops designed to support your progress between sessions. Sign up TODAY. What are you waiting for? Your change is one phone call away. Lines are open now. Call (404) 492-5923 to schedule your first session TODAY. Questions? Drop a line to

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